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Pipette Inserted Into Test Tube

Point-of-care test for the diagnosis of prosthetic joint infection (PJI)

Doctor with Files


  • Bacterial infections represent a major diagnostic and therapeutic challenge in modern medicine, especially in the case of implant associated infections such as PJI

  • The treatment of PJI differs significantly from that of aseptic prosthesis failure. Therefore, an accurate diagnosis of the underlying cause of prosthesis failure is critical to planning appropriate treatment. Is surgery indicated?


  • The project aim is to develop a fully automated sensor system (biosensor) for the detection of bacterial specific biomarker D-lactate in the synovial fluid for the raid diagnosis of PJI

AT the LAb
Image by CDC

Expected results of the project

  • The ultimate goal is the realization of a prototype system consisting of the reader and disposable sensor chip

  • As part of a subsequent performance evaluation according to IVDR for use of the prototype in the synovial fluid, the foundations for subsequent marketing are to be laid.

  • As part of the activities for market preparation/market entry, small series production is also to be set up and sales partners are to be determined

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